Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 28

Today:  28 Weeks

Baby Size: According to my sources the baby is the size of a Chinese cabbage.  He should weigh about 2 pounds and  2 ounces and is 14.8 inches from crown to toe but from the ultrasound yesterday it told us that he weighs 2 pounds and 8 ounces.  My boy is growing!!!

Weight Gain: At my 28 week appointment I was +16 pounds. According to the scale I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks.  I think it must have been wrong the last time I went at 26 weeks and I had that feeling back then.  I'm blaming the extra weight gain on him.  Haha!

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing all maternity bottoms at this point.  I have a couple of blue jean capri pants that are my favorite.  I've been wearing the new tops I bought.  We had a cold front/tropical storm push through so the weather has been really cool.  I think I'm gonna go digging through the maternity clothes Amanda let me borrow and find some quarter length shirts.  Guess that means I better start shopping for a few pair of long pants.  And I have to find a dress for John and Chelsea's wedding.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping pretty good but my belly makes it hard to get too comfortable.  I've started having severe cramps at night but I've heard that's gonna be common this trimester.  I'm having trouble getting in and out of bed during the night.  I'm having a pull in my legs that is extreme but Dr. Sharp says it's normal.  He says that about everything I ask about. LOL!

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!  I'm still having bouts of heartburn but as long as I stay away from fast foods and fatty foods it isn't that bad.  Braxton Hicks have started and sometimes catch me by surprise.  I've been a little more tired and I'm sleeping a little more.

Movement:  He hasn't moved as much as I would have liked this past week.  He was busy on Wednesday but after that he went about three days with little movement.  At my appointment I mentioned this to Dr. Sharp and he sent me for an ultrasound.  At the ultrasound he was sleeping...of course.  We couldn't wake him for anything.  He had his arms up behind his head and wasn't gonna be bothered by us.  The tech said that he was moving enough for her to know that he was ok.  She measured everything again and she said he's growing fine. Then that night he started moving around again.  Guess he's growing and needing his rest.

Best Moments this Week: Alabama football started this past weekend and I spent all day Saturday watching football with Josh.  On Sunday we went to the outlet mall in Leeds and we both enjoyed getting out and walking around.  There was a tropical storm that came through between Sunday and Monday and there was super strong rain and wind.  One other thing that was a great moment was when Josh kissed my stomach and noticed how hard my belly is.  He realized that there IS a baby in there.  I think he has trouble wrapping his head around the fact that it's a living, breathing being in there.

Food Cravings:
 Two words....milk and Lucky Charms!  I can never get enough.

What I Miss:  Sushi, sandwich meat, and being able to get up and down easily.

Looking Forward To: We are going to Brad and Tiffany's for the Penn State game this weekend.  It will be fun to be around friends and enjoy some football.  

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