Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weeks 26 and 27

Today:  27 Weeks

Baby Size: According to my sources the baby is the size of a head of cauliflower.  He should weigh about 2 pounds and is 14.5 inches from crown to toe.

Weight Gain:
 At my 26 week appointment I was +12 pounds. I was shocked when I heard that cause I feel like I've gained much more.  Now I see the doctor every two weeks until I reach 35 weeks.

Maternity Clothes:
 I'm wearing all maternity bottoms at this point.  I have a couple of blue jean capri pants that are my favorite.  Josh took me shopping for some new tops last weekend.  He was tired of hearing me complain about how few tops I have to wear.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping pretty good but my belly makes it hard to get too comfortable.  I've started having severe cramps at night but I've heard that's gonna be common this trimester.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!  I'm still having bouts of heartburn but as long as I stay away from fast foods and fatty foods it isn't that bad.  Braxton Hicks have started and sometimes catch me by surprise.

Movement:  My little fella still has days when he is super active and then it's followed by days of little movement.  Josh felt him kick again this week and it brought a smile to his face.  He's still feet down and I'm ready for him to turn around and stop kicking me so low.

Best Moments this Week: I passed my glucose test and was happy to get to eat some sweets again.  I went to the perfect place to do's house.  I enjoyed my visit with my parents last week.  We went to the casino, shopping, put a puzzle together, and ate some good food.

Food Cravings: Sweets and cereal are still my favorites!  I bought several big boxes of Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios and I'm loving it!  I bought 16+ plums in Selma and I've enjoyed eating one or two each day.

What I Miss:  Sushi, sandwich meat, and being able to get up and down easily.

Looking Forward To: Alabama Football!!!  It's finally starting this weekend.  It's the best season of the year.  I'm also looking forward to some cooler weather.  I need to start walking everyday but the heat makes me swell so much that it's unbearable to walk

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