Monday, October 29, 2012

11 Months Old

I'm having a hard time accepting that my sweet baby is 11 months old.  How did the time go by so fast?  Grant is picking up on things so quickly now that it makes the time go by even faster.  I thank God all the time for blessing me with such a healthy and loving son.  He couldn't be any sweeter and I'm enjoying every minute of watching him grow.  Happy 11 months Grant!

Loves: books, cruising around the house, Goldfish crackers, making funny faces, being held upside down, playing in the dishwasher, and helping Mommy do the chores around the house.

Hates: eating soft food, smiling at strangers, and watching Mommy or Daddy leave to go somewhere without him.

Eating: Grant eats 3 oz of milk with oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, 6 oz of milk and a meat for lunch, 4 oz of milk with cereal and vegetables for supper, and 6 oz of milk before bed. He loves bananas, peaches, and oranges.  He still gags a lot when I feed him certain table foods.  He will eat anything that is hard and crunchy but he gags when we give him soft foods. Some of his favorites are goldfish, apples (eaten from the core), granola bars, and fresh fruit.

Sleeping:  He takes 3 naps a day and they are usually between an hour to two hours.  His bedtime is 10:00 pm and he likes to wake up around 9:00 am.  He started kicking me in the face and ribs at night so we finally bit the bullet and made him start sleeping in his own bed.  The first night he woke up 3 times and we put his paci back in and let him cry some.  The second night he woke up only once and we did the same thing.  By the third night he woke up and cried for a minute but I never had to get up and he just fell over and went right back to sleep.  I've missed cuddling with him so in the mornings when he wakes up I go and get him and I let him sleep with me for a few hours.  He has been really clingy throughout this process.  Some days he has wanted to take a nap in my arms and I've let him.  Guess it's just mommy guilt but I've missed having him sleep with us as well.  I'm very proud of him for learning to sleep alone.

Clothes:  Grant is wearing 12 month tops and 6-12 month pants.  He looks so cute wearing his blue jeans and a long sleeve top.  He is still in a size 4 diaper.

Firsts: There were so many firsts this month!  When we went for a visit to his grandmother's house she taught him how to hold his bottle by himself.  We also took him to the fair for the first time and he rode the carousel.  He loved sitting up on the horse and yelling to his grandmother who was watching.  But as soon as the carousel started moving he got a little scared.  

His first steps were on 10/7 and he was so proud of himself for being able to walk.  He still isn't able to stand back up when he falls so he will crawl to a piece of furniture and pull himself back up.  He practices walking all the time.  He will walk a circle from the living room into the kitchen and back.  

He finally started sleeping in his own crib at night on 10/19 and he got a new bottom tooth on 10/23 (3rd on the bottom).  He learned how to throw the ball back and forth with us and how to put the ball back in the octopus toy.  Another exciting first was that he has started kissing and hugging us when we ask him to.  It's so special to have him show us love when we ask for it.

This Months Happenings:  The first week in October Grant and I traveled to Selma to visit with my parents.  We took Grant to the fair and he loved all the bright lights, people, and loud sounds.  He rode the carousel for the first time and loved it.  

We watched lots of football this month and even had a visit from Brad to watch the game.  The following weekend Jeremy came over and brought his boys with him.  We watched the game and cooked out.  Grant had a fun time playing with Christian and Caleb.  

Josh and I took Grant to The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  We rode on a hayride and picked out a pumpkin.  Grant loved all the pumpkins and wanted to climb the piles of pumpkins.  We hope to make this an annual trip for our family.

On the 27th we went over to Suzanne and Chad's to celebrate Emily's 2nd birthday.  We cooked out and had birthday cake.  Grant enjoyed playing with Emily's toys.

Fun Facts: There were so many changes this month so I thought I'd just list a few new things that I have seen this month:

*started eating cheerios and goldfish
*loves eating my granola bar
*speaks in jibberish at times
*seems to be singing a song in the mornings when he's in a good mood 
*can point toward things by holding up his arms at things
*slings his arm while doing the hot dog dance
*wrinkles up his nose at us and snorts at times
*fake laughs

He has developed an awesome sense of humor.  He laughs with us and will even fake laugh.  He loves to make silly faces and bites down on the spoon while I'm feeding him so that I will laugh.  This has been my favorite month so far!  It's so exciting seeing him pick up on things so fast.  I hate to think that he only has one more month until he is ONE but it's also fun watching him grow.  Pretty much all signs of my little bitty baby is gone and he's turning into a true toddler.  I know that I will be so sad when I have to write my next post for the 12th month so I'm gonna cherish every day until then.

Here are a few more pictures from this month: