Wednesday, September 21, 2011

29 and 30 Weeks

Today:  30 Weeks

Baby Size: According to my sources the baby is the size of a head of cabbage.  He should weigh about 3 pounds  and is 15.7 inches from crown to toe.

Weight Gain: At my 30week appointment I was +18 pounds. I've felt like I've done pretty good up until this point but now I can't seem to keep the pounds from coming.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes!  

Sleep: I'm still sleeping pretty good but my belly makes it hard to get too comfortable.  I've started having severe cramps at night but I've heard that's gonna be common this trimester.  I'm having trouble getting in and out of bed during the night.  I'm having a pull in my legs that is extreme but Dr. Sharp says it's normal.  He says that about everything I ask about. LOL!

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!  I'm still having bouts of heartburn but as long as I stay away from fast foods and fatty foods it isn't that bad.  Braxton Hicks have started and sometimes catch me by surprise.  I've been a little more tired and I'm sleeping a little more.

Movement:  He has his days!  Some days I wonder if he invited a few friends over and then other days I hardly feel him at all.  He changes positions a lot and I feel him the best when he has his feet up high. I ended up going back to the doctor a couple days after my ultrasound because he still wasn't moving much.  I had another ultrasound and I was told that I have an anterior placenta and he was transverse so he would have to kick really hard for me to feel it since he would be kicking the placenta as well.  So now I know that when he lays sideways I won't feel him as much.  I'm ready for him to get into position with his head down and feet up.

Best Moments this Week: The best moment this week was when the baby was kicking me like crazy and Josh got to feel it.  I think he was amazed at how hard and how much he was kicking.  It just made me laugh when he was kicking me that much.

Food Cravings: It's still Lucky Charms!  Lately I have really been craving a cupcake.  We found this delicious looking cupcake place called Gigi's and I am dying for a bite of one of them.  Hopefully Josh will surprise me with a trip there very soon.

What I Miss:  Being able to get up and down easily!

Looking Forward To: I'm looking forward to a trip to Atlanta to visit my Aunt B.  We were suppose to go this week but things didn't really work out.  My dad fell out of the bed and broke his rib, it was raining cats and dogs, and Aunt B was babysitting for my cousin who has pneumonia. We'll reschedule it and make the trip very soon.

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