Sunday, July 29, 2012

8 Months Old

Happy 8 Months Bubs!  

Loves:  Cruising the furniture, listening to stories being read, Puffs, using his voice (screaming loudly), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, books, crawling throughout the house.  He is so happy that he is able to go where he wants to go now.  He's always moving about and is into everything that he isn't suppose to be in to.  I've had to say "no, no" so much this past month that he probably thinks that's his name.  He thinks it's funny when I say it and he just laughs or smiles at me.  I have to go and get him and redirect him a lot.  

Hates:  Being still for a diaper change, not being allowed to touch the computer or iPad, and riding in his carseat for a long time.

Eating: He eats every 4 hours and eats between 3-6 oz at each meal.  He is eating solids twice a day.  His favorites are chicken with rice or noodles, sweet potatoes, and garden vegetables.  He also enjoys eating Puffs, Yogurt melts, Mum Mums, and anything that I'm eating.  He's had a taste of popsicles and he's a big fan.  He doesn't seem to care for juice but he will drink water quite well from my cup.  He's not so sure about a sippy cup just yet.   

Sleeping:  He sleeps between 10-11 hours at night.  His preferred bed time is 10:00 and he wakes up after 9:00 am.  It works for us since Josh doesn't leave for work until 9.  He's still sleeping in our bed but he always starts the night out in his crib.  He's still taking naps every 2 hours and it can be from 30 mins-2 hours.  Usually it's around an hour.  When we put him in the crib he will cry for 5 minutes and then we go back in and put him back down and he goes right to sleep.  For some reason he just needs those 5 minutes of crying before he's ready.

Clothes: He is wearing 6-9 month, 9 month and 12 month clothes.  Mostly just 9 months but it won't be long before he's wearing only 12 month clothes.  He is still in a size 3 diaper.

Firsts:  Got his second tooth, ran a fever, learned how to sit up on his own from the crawling position, and attended a 50th wedding anniversary.

This Months Happenings:  At the beginning of the month we went to Selma for Uncle Bob's and Aunt Mary's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It was held at Westwood Baptist and it was soooo HOT!!!  Grant was irritable and cried every time some one tried to hold him.  I can't really blame him since he was sleepy, it was hot, and he was being pasted from person to person.  For the 4th of July we went over to Brad and Tiffany's to swim and cook out.  Grant had the best time in the pool and he just splashed and splashed.  Grant and I also took a trip to Selma to see my parents.  When we got there he was fine, but after his nap he woke up with a really high fever.  I watched him throughout the night and then left early the next morning to take him back to Trussville to the doctor.  He ended up having Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  It was AWFUL!  He had ulcers in his throat and he was unable to eat and he couldn't even swallow his saliva.  He just drooled everywhere.  He was so pitiful.  It took a lot of time to get fully over this and I hope he never gets it again.

Fun Facts:

*Grant loves swimming in the pool. He loved splashing the water all over his face.  

*He has learned how to sit up on his own now.  He looked so proud the first few times he did it.

*Puffs make anything better.  If he's crying I offer him a Puff and that seems to make it all better.

*He is loving it that he can cruise the furniture.  He can even stretch his arms out wide to reach another piece of furniture so he can keep cruising.

*If I want to use the iPad I have to hide it from him!

Here are a few photos from this month: