Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 Months- Happy Half Birthday

Happy Half Birthday Grant!  It's been half a year and our lives have changed so much. I can hardly remember what life was like before Grant was here.  He brings us so much joy, entertainment, and love.  My only wish is that I could slow down time because he is growing up so fast.  Before I know it he will be walking and talking.  
Weight = 17 lbs and 15 oz and is in the 65th percentile (6 lbs 2 oz at birth)
Height  = 26 1/4 inches and is in the 50th percentile (19 1/2 at birth)
Head     = 43 cm and is in the 35th percentile (31 cm at birth)


Loves: playing on the floor, watching Mickey Mouse Club, checking the mail with Mommy, banging on Daddy's laptop, meeting new people, the remote control, and drinking water from a cup.

Hates: long car rides in the car seat, Mommy leaving the room,  getting his ears cleaned during a bath, Saline nose spray and the aspirator.

Eating: Grant eats every 4 hours and eats between 3-6 oz at each meal.  He is eating solids twice a day and loves it.  So far he has eaten sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, carrots, pears, and oatmeal.  His favorite is sweet potatoes.

Sleeping:  He is still sleeping with us and goes down easily.  Naps have become more complicated because he can roll over so we can't let him nap alone in our bed anymore.  He is having to take naps in his crib so he is taking really short naps and a lot of time they are only 30 minutes long.  

Has anyone seen my paci?

Clothes:  He is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Firsts: Grant had a lot of firsts this month.  He went on his first beach trip, celebrated his first Mother's Day, ate solids for the first time, rolled from back to front, and began crawling (Army crawling) everywhere.  

This Months Happenings:  At the beginning of May we went on our first beach trip.  We went with Lee, Kari, and Caroline Busby.  Grant loved the sand and didn't mind being covered in it.  He also loved the pool.  The pool was freezing cold but he didn't seem to mind it.  He was intrigued by the water.  Although he liked the pool, he did not like the ocean as much.  He enjoyed watching the waves crash but he didn't like them crashing on his feet. That Sunday was my first Mother's Day and we went out to eat in Foley and then spent the day traveling back home.  At the end of the month we traveled to Mobile so Josh could attend Patrick's bachelor party.  Grant did really well and enjoyed being around all the people.  Throughout the month Grant hit a lot of milestones.  He started rolling from back to front and once he started there was no holding him back.  He was rolling everywhere.  He also started Army crawling and was into everything.  If I wanted to see him crawl all I would have to do is stick a laptop down in front of him and he would scoot over there as fast as lightening.  

Fun Facts:

*Grant loves technology.  Give him the remote, a laptop, or iPhone and he is one happy boy.

*At the beach Grant was trying to eat the sand by the handfuls.

*When he sees me with a cup he reaches out to take a sip.

*He has started reaching out to people.  

*Grant is a pretty quiet baby.  He doesn't try to babble much and I'm starting to wonder if he will ever start.

*When he gets fussy in the car I sing "The Wheels on the Bus" or recite "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and he calms right down.

*Grant came home from the beach with a bad cold.  He got another cold right after that one so when we went for his 6 month well visit I put off his shots until he started feeling better.

Here are some photos from this month:

 We had a hard time convincing him not to eat it.
 Relaxing in the sand

 Helping Mommy do laundry
 Look how I can stand up all by myself!
 Hanging out in the toy box.
 Me and Granddaddy
 Heart to heart with my Grandmomma
 First time in a restaurant high chair
 Making the best of a LONG road trip
 Helping Daddy write code

 I can stand up for a long time playing on this thing.