Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 Months Old

Happy 9 Months sweet Grant!  This month you have been super active and love to crawl all over the house.  You are starting to laugh at all the funny things we do and you are so happy.  You brighten each and every day.  I love how loving you are and couldn't imagine life without you.


Weight = 20 lbs and is in the 50th percentile (6 lbs 2 oz at birth)
Height= 27 1/4 inches and is in the 25th percentile (19 1/2 at birth)
Head= 45 cm and is in the 25th percentile (31 cm at birth)

Loves: taking dishes out the dishwasher, playing in the bathroom, doing the "Hot Dog" dance, Mickey Mouse Club, Elmo, people watching, being read to, turning the pages of books, playing with (tearing up) the mail, eating whatever Mommy is eating, and being right underneath Mommy ALL day.
Hates: riding in his car seat, sleeping in his crib at night, broccoli, and laying still for a diaper change.

Eating: Grant eats 3 oz of milk with oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, 6 oz of milk and a meat for lunch, 4 oz of milk with cereal and vegetables for supper, and 6 oz of milk before bed.  He has also tried more new table foods this month...tomatoes, broccoli, squash, potatoes, mandarin oranges, watermelon, and rice cakes.  He also loves his Puffs, yogurt melts and yogurt, and vegetable sticks.   This next month we are going to start feeding him more table foods since he is able to gum his food now.  I'm excited to see what he likes.  Here's a picture and video of how he felt about tomatoes and broccoli.
Sleeping:  He takes 3 naps a day and they are usually between and hour to two hours.  His bedtime is 10:00 pm and he likes to wake up around 9:00 am.  He is no longer crying for 5 minutes when I put him in his crib.  He lays there playing with his blanket until he goes to sleep.  
Sleeping sitting up!

Somebody slept on his hands!

Clothes:  Grant is wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes.  He is still wearing a size 3 diaper.

Firsts: his first trip to the zoo (8/5), two new top teeth (8/8),  swung at the park, two birthday parties, rode on a train, and he said "bye bye" for the first time(8/20).

Grant loves Mickey Mouse and if you ask him "where is Mickey Mouse" he looks up at the TV.  He knows what the following words mean:  Mickey Mouse, milk, bath, night night, Puff, yogurt, no no, bye bye, Elmo, check the mail, monkey, duck, and book.  He understands a lot but he isn't very vocal.  We have been practicing finding the monkey's nose and ears.  When he's in the mood for it he will point to the correct one when you ask him.  He still loves taking a bath but the big highlight of it all is that the duck makes a quacking noise.  He lights up when you make the duck quack.  We have been taking him for a walk on cooler nights and he really enjoys getting out.  He enjoys playing under the coffee table and gets stuck under there at times.  

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Each day we go out and check the mail and I let him have the junk mail to tear up. I'm sure one day he will end up tearing up something important but I love to see him so excited about the mail.

This Months Happenings:  We went to the Redi company party and Grant was introduced to all of Josh's co-workers.  We also took Grant to the zoo for the first time.  He wasn't that impressed but we had a good time.  He had a hard time spotting the animals unless they were moving.  

Chad, Suzanne, and Emily came over for dinner and Grant had fun watching Emily play.  

We went to two birthday parties this month.  First we went to Madeline's 2nd birthday party and then we went to Auburn for Caroline's 1st birthday party.  At Caroline's party Grant got to ride a train for the first time.  

Fun Facts:

*Grant looks so grown up with his two top teeth coming in.

*He loves his blanket and he rubs it under his nose over and over again to go to sleep. It's the sweetest sight!

*Grant loves me to scare him by saying "BOO."

*He loves finding me when I leave to go to the bathroom.  He comes crawling down the hall super fast with the cutest look on his face.

*Grant crinkles up his nose when he smiles and it's easy to see his two top teeth.

*He thinks that he has to have a bite of everything that I eat.

*He absolutely LOVES turning the pages of a book.  He can spend a lot of time entertaining himself by turning the pages.  He isn't looking at the pictures, he's just flipping pages.

*It's getting much harder to take his weekly photo since he wants to crawl away as soon as I sit him on the couch.

Here are some photos from this month: