Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four Months Old

My sweet boy is 4 months old!  It was this time last year when I found out I was pregnant and now he's here and bring so much joy to our lives.  He is a lot more active this month and it's been fun watching him change each and every day.

Weight = 14lbs and 12 oz  in the 50th percentile (6 lbs 2 oz at birth)
Height  = 24 inches and is between the 25th-50th percentile (19 1/2 at birth)
Head     = 41 cm and is the 25th percentile (31 cm at birth)

Loves: Sitting up and standing up (with help), sucking on his hands, rocking in the rocking chair, seeing new people, singing songs with Mommy, listening to Daddy play the guitar, and his paci (of course).

Hates: Being patient, being confined in any way, the sun in his eyes, being made to burp during a feeding, and being ignored when he wants to play.

Eating: He is eating 5 oz every 3-3.5 hours.  Throughout this month there were times when he only would take 2 oz and then at other times he wanted 7 oz.  We always start with the 5 oz and give more if we see that he is still hungry.  He seems very happy and healthy.  When we weighed him on our home scale he weighted 15 lbs.  Tomorrow we go to the doctor so I will see how right we are.

Sleeping:  He is sleeping from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. which is great.  He doesn't have any trouble going to sleep at night.  I just swaddle his arms up and kiss him goodnight and he goes right to sleep.  Naps were ROUGH this month.  He is so aware of everything around him that he has a hard time getting to sleep.  He fights sleep like a champ.  He will only nap in my arms or in the swing. 

Clothes:  He is wearing 3-6 month clothes and is wearing a size 2 diaper.  

Firsts: got a cold virus, gained more head control and pulls himself up to the sitting position with very little help, started playing with toys while he is on his tummy, laughs and smiles at everything, puts his hands together and chews on them all the time, met a lot of the Ingram family at Uncle Jimmy's birthday party.

This Months Happenings:  Josh had another business trip and went to Connecticut.  Grant and I made a trip to Selma to stay with my parents.  On the day we left, he came down with a bad sounding cough.  The next day it sounded worse so my mom rode back to Trussville with me to take him to the doctor.  The doctor said he had a red throat but it wasn't strep so she said it was a virus that would just have to run it's course.  We gave him Tylenol and ran the humidifier for weeks and he finally got better.  We took Grant to Millbrook to my Uncle Jimmy's birthday party.  None of my aunts and uncles had ever gotten to see him so it was wonderful for them all to be able to see him there.  Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Beverly, Chris, Amanda, Avery Grace, Amanda, Brian, Braxton, Mason, Cullen, mom, dad, Uncle Ferma, Aunt Joan, Uncle Bob, Aunt Mary, Aunt Blanche, and Uncle Choc were at the party.  Grant was an angel while we were there.  They passed him around from person to person and he didn't cry one tear the whole trip.  He loved looking around at all the people.  He was so tired that Josh just cradled him and he fell right to sleep. I enjoyed the day so much and I'm glad we made the trip.

Fun Facts:

*Grant wants everything to go in his mouth.  He gets so frustrated when he can't get my arm or a toy in there.  The funny thing is that when he does put something in his mouth he makes the funniest face like it tastes horrible. 

*He is fascinated by the TV.  If it's on you can't get him to stop watching it.  He will turn his head every which a way to see it.

*If we pat his arms or legs really fast he will laugh out loud.  People think we are crazy doing all the things we do to make him laugh.

*When I sing songs with Grant he opens his mouth like he wants to sing along.

*When he starts crying and making sounds I swear it sounds like he is saying momma.

*We got him a Bumbo seat and he sat up in it great but after 5 minutes he would get mad and arch his back to get out of it.  I was scared that he would flip backwards.  I took it back and got him an Exersaucer.  He likes it but gets really mad because he can't get the toys in his mouth yet.

*He mainly "talks" when he is fussy.  I told the doctor that he never seems to coo happily and Dr. Barron said it may just be his disposition.  Haha!  I knew I had a grump on my hands.  Guess he takes after his mom and dad.

Here are some photos from this month:

Having a little chat with Granddaddy!

Snoozing away
He fills up the whole bouncy seat now.
Enjoying his new toys.
He loves my pillow.  He was playing with it and Josh told me to look at him and this is what I saw.  Too funny!
  He loves balls!
 Wanna see my face???
He didn't know what to think of the Bumbo seat.
  Hey!  Are you trying to escape?
My shirt says it all!
 Laughing with Mom
 Mom cut me with the clippers!!!
  Look!  I can finally bring my hands together.
Checking it all out
The person who brings the fun...Daddy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today I got this awesome surprise...

What an amazing feeling to see the words "pregnant" on a little stick.  I wanted to document all that I can remember about that day and I thought that today would be the perfect day to do that.

Josh and I had been trying to get pregnant since August.  Some months we focused more on it than others.  Since it had been six months trying, I made an appointment to see a new OBGyn doctor in Birmingham to discuss things.  Dr. Garrard in Montgomery had recommended Dr. Sharp since they were friends and went to college together.  When I met with Dr. Sharp he was really laid back and was very optimistic that we weren't gonna have any trouble getting pregnant but it may just take a little more time.  He suggested several things to do before he would recommend fertility drugs.  First he wanted me to have a procedure to make sure that my fallopian tubes were both open.  They were and he said that everything looked good.  He also said that sometimes people get pregnant soon after this procedure because he flushes out the tubes and makes it an easier passage.  The next few things he wanted me to do was to get Josh to submit a sample (haha!) and get my progesterone levels tests.  I was scheduled to have the progesterone test done in February but I got the flu and had to put it off until March.  I finally got the test done during Spring Break in March and they called to tell me that everything was ok and that I should make an appointment to see Dr. Sharp again.  I figured that the next step would be the fertility drugs.  Little did I know that the next week all my dreams would come true.

The whole next week I waited for my period to come.  I was usually never late and I was having all the symptoms that my period was about to start.  I had already taken a pregnancy test and it was negative so I KNEW I was NOT pregnant.  I kept telling my coworkers that I was ill and ready for my period to just come on already.  Glenda kept telling me that maybe I was pregnant and I told her that I wasn't cause I had already tested and it was negative.  She said it was too soon.  Well fast forward to Thursday night...Josh was in Cullman practicing for a talent show that he was in the following night and so I was home alone bored and ill.  I decided to take a shower and then thought maybe I would just do a test one more time.  I knew that it wasn't a good idea to test at night since you may not get as good of a reading but I did it anyways.  I took the test, undressed, and got ready to get in the shower.  I took a peek at the test before getting in and thought maybe I saw a slight red line.  I believe that I took another one and got the same thing.  I threw my clothes back on an decided that I wanted a pregnancy test that either said "pregnant" or not pregnant."  So off to Target I went.  When I got back I took the test and lo and behold it said "pregnant."  I was so shocked!  I cried, thanked God, and literally just stood there in disbelief.

The hardest part was that Josh wasn't home and I didn't have anyone to tell.  I didn't want to tell my mom before Josh and I didn't want to tell Josh over the phone so all I could do was wait.  And wait I did...until 9:00 p.m!  Josh had picked us up some supper and was fussing about his day.  He had gotten some bad news about his cousin, had a horrible day, and then a long practice to top it off.  So I said, "want some more crazy news?"  I handed him the stick and he was shocked.  It was so surreal to us both.  We were both grinning from ear to ear.  We tried for months to get pregnant and that day...that Thursday night...our lives changed forever!

Fast forward one year and we are the proudest parents we could be.  Little did we know how much our lives would be changed after getting that positive on the pregnancy test.  Looking back I'm still amazed at the creation of life.  God can do some amazing things!  We have Grant Chappelle to remind of us that everyday.  

I'm a pessimistic person and I was constantly afraid that I would have a miscarriage or that something would be wrong with the baby.  A couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant I started cramping really bad.  I called my nurse and she suggested that I come in for an ultrasound.  Dr. Sharp wasn't in that afternoon so I had to see Dr. Stone.  When my ultrasound was done the technician did not see a heartbeat or fetal pole.  She saw the sack but the rest should have been there considering how many weeks pregnant I was.  She sent me to talk to Dr. Stone and he basically said that I could just have an empty sack or I'm earlier than I thought.  Since I knew the exact day that I got pregnant it was pretty obvious that our dates couldn't be wrong.  I was devastated with that news. They tested my hCG levels and he said Dr. Sharp would call me the next day with the results.  Dr. Sharp called and said that my levels looked good and that it would be best to wait a week and do another ultrasound then.  Wait a week?  I didn't know if I could wait that long. I just had a really bad feeling about it all and had made up my mind that I was probably going to get bad news the following week.  I started grieving immediately and was preparing myself for the bad news to come.  Josh was a lot more optimistic and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just wait and see.

One week later we went in for the ultrasound and she picked up the heartbeat right away!  That's a sound and a moment I will never forget.  She said he was measuring a half a week earlier than we predicted and that is why I was unable to see the heartbeat the week before.  Now, at night, I love to lay next to Grant and just listen to that little heartbeat.  He truly has made the happiest I have ever been. March 24, 2011 was a date that I always want to remember...the date where I found out I would be a mother! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Months Old

All my mommy friends had told me if I could just make it through the first couple of months then everything would be great.  Well...we've made it and I have to say that they were so right.  I love this age!  He is smiling and happy and seems to be on a routine that works for us all.  I love him tremendously, but it just keeps getting stronger.  I can tear up in a second thinking about how much I love Grant.  Josh made a video of me and Grant "chatting" the other night and I have watched it over and over again tearing up each time I see it.  It's amazing to have a baby that loves you despite your flaws and gives you that big smile that warms your heart when you are having a rough day.  Here are a few highlights from the month:

Loves: Grant loves his activity mat, paci, baths, playing with his Daddy, snuggling into mommy's arms to sleep, sleeping with his nose up against my pillow, being read to, and watching TV (not that we allow it but if it's on you can bet he strains his neck to see it).
Hates:  Grant doesn't like riding on long trips or spending too much time in his carseat.  He also hates being left alone, waiting to eat, having the lights on, and tummy time.  

Eating: He eats every three hours and is drinking 5 oz in each bottle.  He is 100% on formula and it's been working out well.  Occasionally we have some issues with spit up but it's not a daily problem and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  It's so funny when he stops eating and then I put the bottle back in his mouth and he's expecting it to be his paci.  He literally gags and makes the funniest face.  

Sleeping:  During the day he takes a nap after each feeding for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  He will only nap in my arms or in the swing.  I would love for him to nap in his crib but so far it hasn't worked out.  If I rock him to sleep and put him in the crib he will wake up in 30 minutes and I have trouble getting him back to sleep.  I know that I'm gonna have to keep working on it because it won't be long before he won't be able to fit in the swing to sleep and I know he will be too heavy to hold the entire nap.  At night he will sleep anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.  I have been swaddling him which has helped him to sleep longer.  It's been so nice getting those extra hours of sleep each night.  I am still looking forward to the day when he is sleeping 8 hours (or more) EVERY night!  He is still sleeping with us since I have to put his paci back in all night long.  If I don't put it in when he starts stirring he wakes up completely.  It doesn't really bother the two of us to have him in our bed but I know we would all probably sleep better if he were in his own bed.

Clothes: He is mainly wearing 3 month clothing but can still fit into some 0-3 months.  Just this week he had outgrown several 0-3 outfits and I've been pulling out the 3-6 month clothes.  He has outgrown them mostly because of his length.  We just got finished with all the size 1 diapers so he is wearing size 2 now.  These seem to fit so much better and I wish I had moved him up sooner.

Firsts:   Grant has found his hands and is starting to put them in his mouth all the time.  He is grabbing toys and loves to stand up on his feet.  He isn't as crazy about sitting up but he is getting better about it.  He has pretty good head control and loves to look around at things.  When he can't get his head steady we say that he is "be bopping" it.  We are constantly talking to him and telling him what we are doing each step of the way.  When we are going to fix his bottle we tell him that it's coming and he seems to calm down quite a bit.  I think he had gained a lot of trust in us that we are going to get him what he needs.  He isn't as fussy and is giving us lots of smiles.  He also has been laughing some when I make certain noises or you push his feet to his mouth.  It's the cutest thing!  He loves to talk (coo) at us and is especially talkative at night right before bed.  I think he's gonna be a night owl like me.  I've been able to get more done around the house because he will sit in his bouncy seat and just watch me as I'm doing chores.  

This Months Happenings:  Grant and I made a trip to Selma since the grandparents haven't seen him in a while.  Josh also went on a business trip to Virginia and so my mom came and stayed with us to help me out.  She ended up with a really bad cold and didn't feel very well but it was nice to have some company while Josh was gone.  We put together a puzzle, made cookies, and took Grant out shopping several days.  We really haven't taken Grant out so much since RSV is going around so much.  I don't want him to get sick.  Hopefully it will warm up soon and we can get out a lot more.

Fun Facts:

*It's impossible to get a good smiling picture of Grant.  As soon as he sees the camera, iphone, or video camera he freezes.  He does the same thing when he sees new people for the first time.  He just opens his eyes really big and checks everything out. 

*It's so neat to watch him develop right before my eyes. I'm dying to hear him laugh out loud a bunch.  I'm also excited about the day he can wrap his arms around my neck.  Although I can't wait for these things, I'm totally not trying to rush him.

*I'm enjoying my days at home with Grant.  When I lost my job I was heartbroken but now I feel like it was such a blessing.  He is such a mommy's boy that I couldn't imagine sending him to daycare right now.  I'd love to stay at home with him until he starts school but I know that probably won't happen.  So for now I'm soaking up all I can with smells, smiles, and quiet times together.

*We both love to curl up together and take a nap.  

*When I was growing up my mother played with my hair to comfort me.  Grant seems to love to have his head rubbed too.  I love it!  

*When I put his paci back in his mouth he will grab my hand with both arms and won't let go.  I'll leave my hand on his face and he closes his eyes and soaks it all in.  

*He'll let me poke and prod at him as long as he's in my lap.  He will curl up under my armpit and bury his nose to go to sleep.

*Lately he fusses himself to sleep.

*He will let me kiss him for as long as I want.  He never fusses or pushes me away.  Sometime when I kiss his cheeks he will smile each time I do it.  The boy HAS to know that he is loved.

*Thank goodness for a swing that has a plug.  If we had to buy batteries for this swing it would cost a fortune.  He swings in it for HOURS.

Here are some photos from the month:

 He decided that he wanted to go to Virginia with his Daddy.
 Look, I can hold my giraffe.

Josh is teaching him how to tackle!

I'm working hard on head control!

Two months

My baby boy is two months old!  He is growing like a weed and developing right before our eyes.  I'm amazed at how much he has changed since he was born.  He brings us such joy and I am so thankful that God allowed us to be parents to this sweet fella!

Here is a peek at how much he has grown this month:

Weight:  11bs 5 oz and is in the 50% percentile (6 lbs and 2 oz at birth)
Height:   22 3/4 inches and is in the 50%percentile ( 19 1/2 at birth)
Head:       15 1/4 and is in the 50% percentile ( 12 1/4 at birth)

Loves: His paci, swinging, being rocked, playing with his Daddy, Zebra toy, and his changing table.

Eating: Eats every 3 hours and is drinking 4 oz.  He is still getting pumped breast milk but next week he will start on formula since pumping is wearing me down.  I want to be able to enjoy my time with him instead of having to pump and wash supplies all day.  If I could have breastfed him it would have been different and I would have done it for much longer.  Pumping is exhausting and it's not something I could do for six months so I've decided that when I was ready to quit I would.

Sleeping: Grant is still waking up every three hours at night.  He takes good naps during the day and doesn't have any trouble falling asleep when we lay him down at night.  He sleeps with us and seems to love being close to us.

Clothes: Newborn and some 0-3 month outfits.  He is wearing size one diapers.

Firsts:  Spent the night at his grandparents (with me), strolling in the neighborhood, cooing, looking from side to side, smiling, shopping trips, rolled over, AL National Championship game, and a visit from his Granny.

Fun Facts:
*When Dr. Barron was checking Grant's head control he was talking about how rolling over was a 4 month milestone and Grant rolled over right then!  Dr. Barron said we need to call Nick Saban.

*Grant has been cooing a lot.  On Josh's birthday I was talking to Grant and telling him that Daddy is old.  I really stressed the ooo part of the sound in old.  I made the noise a bunch of times and Grant did it too.  Later that night I was changing him and doing it again while Josh was in there and I said "Grant, what is Daddy?  He's ooooold."  I said it again and Grant said ooold.  It was the cutest thing.  Josh was so shocked and asked me how I got him to say that.  I got lucky!

*We decked Grant out in all the Alabama stuff that he had for the National Championship game.  He looked adorable.  He slept through the whole game so we had to silently cheer to celebrate.  We believe that he was our good luck charm.

*It's been a great month and we are truly blessed!

Friday, March 9, 2012

9 weeks

January 24th-30th
Loves: Nestling under my pillow, looking at the ceiling, covering his eyes with his blanket, and his zebra toy.

Hates: being swaddled, waiting even a minute to eat, or having his hands covered up by his blanket.

Eating: He eats 4.25 oz every three to four hours.

Sleeping: he is still waking to eat every 3-4 hours and is getting pumped breast milk. Monday night I gave him formula and swaddled him and he slept 7 hours but no such luck the next night.

Clothes: Grant is wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. I've put away his newborn outfits. :(

Firsts: We went for a walk in the neighborhood and also slept 7 hours.

This Weeks Happenings:  We went for a walk in the neighborhood and he loved getting out of the house.  He slept mostly the whole way since he kept having to close his eyes because of the sunlight.  

Fun Facts:

*Grant loves to fuss at us with his paci in his mouth.  It always makes me laugh cause it seems like he is telling us off.

*I have started singing some songs to Grant each day.  He loves "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

*We have been reading books to him as well.  He listens patiently and will look at the pictures.  I sure hope he will love to read when he gets older.

*Grant has a red birthmark on the back of his head.  

8 Weeks

January 17th-23rd

Loves:  Being rocked, sleeping, kicking around on his activity mat, laying down and stretching out, and seeing his Daddy after he's been gone all day.

Eating: He is eating a little over 4 oz this week.  He must have had a growth spurt this week cause he was taking around 5 oz for a few days and never seemed full.  He's gone back down now though.  He is still eating every 3 hours.

Sleeping:  Although I would like to be able to say otherwise, he is still waking up every 3 hours to eat.  He enjoys sleeping in his swing during the day and in our bed and night.  I've tried to get him on a routine of going to bed around 10 p.m. every night now.  

Clothes:  I had to go and buy him a few more 0-3 month outfits this week.

Firsts: Celebrating Daddy's birthday and eating out at Cajun Steamers.

This Weeks Happenings:  Josh's 30th birthday was the 17th and we celebrated it by going to dinner at Cajun Steamers.  Grant slept most of the time but got fussy towards the end.  It was loud in there so nobody really could even hear him fussing. Josh's mom came for a visit. She told us she might come but didn't call us the day before and showed up that morning.  Our house was a wreck but we were very thankful that she came for a visit.  There was also a tornado that came through the Clay/Trussville area this week.