Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Months Old

All my mommy friends had told me if I could just make it through the first couple of months then everything would be great.  Well...we've made it and I have to say that they were so right.  I love this age!  He is smiling and happy and seems to be on a routine that works for us all.  I love him tremendously, but it just keeps getting stronger.  I can tear up in a second thinking about how much I love Grant.  Josh made a video of me and Grant "chatting" the other night and I have watched it over and over again tearing up each time I see it.  It's amazing to have a baby that loves you despite your flaws and gives you that big smile that warms your heart when you are having a rough day.  Here are a few highlights from the month:

Loves: Grant loves his activity mat, paci, baths, playing with his Daddy, snuggling into mommy's arms to sleep, sleeping with his nose up against my pillow, being read to, and watching TV (not that we allow it but if it's on you can bet he strains his neck to see it).
Hates:  Grant doesn't like riding on long trips or spending too much time in his carseat.  He also hates being left alone, waiting to eat, having the lights on, and tummy time.  

Eating: He eats every three hours and is drinking 5 oz in each bottle.  He is 100% on formula and it's been working out well.  Occasionally we have some issues with spit up but it's not a daily problem and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  It's so funny when he stops eating and then I put the bottle back in his mouth and he's expecting it to be his paci.  He literally gags and makes the funniest face.  

Sleeping:  During the day he takes a nap after each feeding for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  He will only nap in my arms or in the swing.  I would love for him to nap in his crib but so far it hasn't worked out.  If I rock him to sleep and put him in the crib he will wake up in 30 minutes and I have trouble getting him back to sleep.  I know that I'm gonna have to keep working on it because it won't be long before he won't be able to fit in the swing to sleep and I know he will be too heavy to hold the entire nap.  At night he will sleep anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.  I have been swaddling him which has helped him to sleep longer.  It's been so nice getting those extra hours of sleep each night.  I am still looking forward to the day when he is sleeping 8 hours (or more) EVERY night!  He is still sleeping with us since I have to put his paci back in all night long.  If I don't put it in when he starts stirring he wakes up completely.  It doesn't really bother the two of us to have him in our bed but I know we would all probably sleep better if he were in his own bed.

Clothes: He is mainly wearing 3 month clothing but can still fit into some 0-3 months.  Just this week he had outgrown several 0-3 outfits and I've been pulling out the 3-6 month clothes.  He has outgrown them mostly because of his length.  We just got finished with all the size 1 diapers so he is wearing size 2 now.  These seem to fit so much better and I wish I had moved him up sooner.

Firsts:   Grant has found his hands and is starting to put them in his mouth all the time.  He is grabbing toys and loves to stand up on his feet.  He isn't as crazy about sitting up but he is getting better about it.  He has pretty good head control and loves to look around at things.  When he can't get his head steady we say that he is "be bopping" it.  We are constantly talking to him and telling him what we are doing each step of the way.  When we are going to fix his bottle we tell him that it's coming and he seems to calm down quite a bit.  I think he had gained a lot of trust in us that we are going to get him what he needs.  He isn't as fussy and is giving us lots of smiles.  He also has been laughing some when I make certain noises or you push his feet to his mouth.  It's the cutest thing!  He loves to talk (coo) at us and is especially talkative at night right before bed.  I think he's gonna be a night owl like me.  I've been able to get more done around the house because he will sit in his bouncy seat and just watch me as I'm doing chores.  

This Months Happenings:  Grant and I made a trip to Selma since the grandparents haven't seen him in a while.  Josh also went on a business trip to Virginia and so my mom came and stayed with us to help me out.  She ended up with a really bad cold and didn't feel very well but it was nice to have some company while Josh was gone.  We put together a puzzle, made cookies, and took Grant out shopping several days.  We really haven't taken Grant out so much since RSV is going around so much.  I don't want him to get sick.  Hopefully it will warm up soon and we can get out a lot more.

Fun Facts:

*It's impossible to get a good smiling picture of Grant.  As soon as he sees the camera, iphone, or video camera he freezes.  He does the same thing when he sees new people for the first time.  He just opens his eyes really big and checks everything out. 

*It's so neat to watch him develop right before my eyes. I'm dying to hear him laugh out loud a bunch.  I'm also excited about the day he can wrap his arms around my neck.  Although I can't wait for these things, I'm totally not trying to rush him.

*I'm enjoying my days at home with Grant.  When I lost my job I was heartbroken but now I feel like it was such a blessing.  He is such a mommy's boy that I couldn't imagine sending him to daycare right now.  I'd love to stay at home with him until he starts school but I know that probably won't happen.  So for now I'm soaking up all I can with him...baby smells, smiles, and quiet times together.

*We both love to curl up together and take a nap.  

*When I was growing up my mother played with my hair to comfort me.  Grant seems to love to have his head rubbed too.  I love it!  

*When I put his paci back in his mouth he will grab my hand with both arms and won't let go.  I'll leave my hand on his face and he closes his eyes and soaks it all in.  

*He'll let me poke and prod at him as long as he's in my lap.  He will curl up under my armpit and bury his nose to go to sleep.

*Lately he fusses himself to sleep.

*He will let me kiss him for as long as I want.  He never fusses or pushes me away.  Sometime when I kiss his cheeks he will smile each time I do it.  The boy HAS to know that he is loved.

*Thank goodness for a swing that has a plug.  If we had to buy batteries for this swing it would cost a fortune.  He swings in it for HOURS.

Here are some photos from the month:

 He decided that he wanted to go to Virginia with his Daddy.
 Look, I can hold my giraffe.

Josh is teaching him how to tackle!

I'm working hard on head control!

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