Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today I got this awesome surprise...

What an amazing feeling to see the words "pregnant" on a little stick.  I wanted to document all that I can remember about that day and I thought that today would be the perfect day to do that.

Josh and I had been trying to get pregnant since August.  Some months we focused more on it than others.  Since it had been six months trying, I made an appointment to see a new OBGyn doctor in Birmingham to discuss things.  Dr. Garrard in Montgomery had recommended Dr. Sharp since they were friends and went to college together.  When I met with Dr. Sharp he was really laid back and was very optimistic that we weren't gonna have any trouble getting pregnant but it may just take a little more time.  He suggested several things to do before he would recommend fertility drugs.  First he wanted me to have a procedure to make sure that my fallopian tubes were both open.  They were and he said that everything looked good.  He also said that sometimes people get pregnant soon after this procedure because he flushes out the tubes and makes it an easier passage.  The next few things he wanted me to do was to get Josh to submit a sample (haha!) and get my progesterone levels tests.  I was scheduled to have the progesterone test done in February but I got the flu and had to put it off until March.  I finally got the test done during Spring Break in March and they called to tell me that everything was ok and that I should make an appointment to see Dr. Sharp again.  I figured that the next step would be the fertility drugs.  Little did I know that the next week all my dreams would come true.

The whole next week I waited for my period to come.  I was usually never late and I was having all the symptoms that my period was about to start.  I had already taken a pregnancy test and it was negative so I KNEW I was NOT pregnant.  I kept telling my coworkers that I was ill and ready for my period to just come on already.  Glenda kept telling me that maybe I was pregnant and I told her that I wasn't cause I had already tested and it was negative.  She said it was too soon.  Well fast forward to Thursday night...Josh was in Cullman practicing for a talent show that he was in the following night and so I was home alone bored and ill.  I decided to take a shower and then thought maybe I would just do a test one more time.  I knew that it wasn't a good idea to test at night since you may not get as good of a reading but I did it anyways.  I took the test, undressed, and got ready to get in the shower.  I took a peek at the test before getting in and thought maybe I saw a slight red line.  I believe that I took another one and got the same thing.  I threw my clothes back on an decided that I wanted a pregnancy test that either said "pregnant" or not pregnant."  So off to Target I went.  When I got back I took the test and lo and behold it said "pregnant."  I was so shocked!  I cried, thanked God, and literally just stood there in disbelief.

The hardest part was that Josh wasn't home and I didn't have anyone to tell.  I didn't want to tell my mom before Josh and I didn't want to tell Josh over the phone so all I could do was wait.  And wait I did...until 9:00 p.m!  Josh had picked us up some supper and was fussing about his day.  He had gotten some bad news about his cousin, had a horrible day, and then a long practice to top it off.  So I said, "want some more crazy news?"  I handed him the stick and he was shocked.  It was so surreal to us both.  We were both grinning from ear to ear.  We tried for months to get pregnant and that day...that Thursday night...our lives changed forever!

Fast forward one year and we are the proudest parents we could be.  Little did we know how much our lives would be changed after getting that positive on the pregnancy test.  Looking back I'm still amazed at the creation of life.  God can do some amazing things!  We have Grant Chappelle to remind of us that everyday.  

I'm a pessimistic person and I was constantly afraid that I would have a miscarriage or that something would be wrong with the baby.  A couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant I started cramping really bad.  I called my nurse and she suggested that I come in for an ultrasound.  Dr. Sharp wasn't in that afternoon so I had to see Dr. Stone.  When my ultrasound was done the technician did not see a heartbeat or fetal pole.  She saw the sack but the rest should have been there considering how many weeks pregnant I was.  She sent me to talk to Dr. Stone and he basically said that I could just have an empty sack or I'm earlier than I thought.  Since I knew the exact day that I got pregnant it was pretty obvious that our dates couldn't be wrong.  I was devastated with that news. They tested my hCG levels and he said Dr. Sharp would call me the next day with the results.  Dr. Sharp called and said that my levels looked good and that it would be best to wait a week and do another ultrasound then.  Wait a week?  I didn't know if I could wait that long. I just had a really bad feeling about it all and had made up my mind that I was probably going to get bad news the following week.  I started grieving immediately and was preparing myself for the bad news to come.  Josh was a lot more optimistic and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just wait and see.

One week later we went in for the ultrasound and she picked up the heartbeat right away!  That's a sound and a moment I will never forget.  She said he was measuring a half a week earlier than we predicted and that is why I was unable to see the heartbeat the week before.  Now, at night, I love to lay next to Grant and just listen to that little heartbeat.  He truly has made the happiest I have ever been. March 24, 2011 was a date that I always want to remember...the date where I found out I would be a mother! 

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