Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Weeks Old

December 13th-December 19th

Grant is 3 weeks old.  It's been so hard blogging lately so I've had to do a little at a time.  I may actually have some facts mixed up from different weeks but I still wanted to document as much as possible about his early life.  I love him more and more everyday and I'm so glad that we were blessed with such a sweet baby.  That being said...the first few weeks are very tiring and I never want to forget that fact.  That way when I say I want another baby I can look back and remember what the first couple of weeks were like. LOL!

Loves:  His paci, being held all day, and sleeping beside his mom.

Eating:  He has been eating really good.  He eats about 3 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Since he was killing me while breastfeeding I have been pumping all day so he can still have breast milk.  It's a big commitment but it's better than quitting altogether.  I was so sore and very unhappy and therefore it was rubbing off on him.  He was crying and I was crying.  I figure that I would pump for as long as I can.  Once I made this decision I noticed a great deal of relief and I stopped breaking down as much.  Grant was having some stomach pains so I decided to eliminate milk from my diet.  He seems to have done much better after that.

Sleeping:  He has been sleeping in his bassinet in our room.  Josh went back to work so I've been trying to do all his feedings and make sure that he is quiet and doesn't disturb his dad too much.  That causes me some stress. LOL!  That is one reason why he got his paci back.  I gave it back one night while trying to keep him from crying so loud.  Once he got the paci back he didn't want to give it up again.  He still wakes up crying if the paci falls out of his mouth so I try to remove it when he is in a deep sleep so he doesn't notice it.  When I feed him at night I try not to talk to him and then I snuggle up with him so that he will go right back to sleep.  He usually sleeps a couple of hours until the next feeding.
See how mad I can get!

This Weeks Happenings:  This week Grant's Grandmother came for a visit.  He was spoiled to the max by the time she left.  She loved holding him and she would rock him whenever he cried. I loved seeing how calm she was with him.  Josh and I both took it all in and started using some of her techniques when she left.  She would also get up with me in the middle of the night and help with the feedings so that I could pump.  She cooked us a yummy meatloaf and made sure we were fed.  I had a doctor's appointment one morning so she watched Grant. I got to run a few errands afterwards.  We watched the movie The Help together.

Friday we were suppose to travel to Selma to spend the night.  After half way packing we decided that we weren't ready for an overnight trip just yet.  We waited until Saturday morning and left.  Grant got to meet my brothers and sister and their families.  He was passed around like a hot potato and loved every minute of it.  We figured he wouldn't sleep a wink that night but he had a great night. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Clothes:  He is still wearing newborn clothes and we have to roll up the sleeves.

Mommy Moments: This was a hard week for Mommy.  I was very sleep deprived and had lots of pain from breastfeeding. It was a much harder week since Daddy went back to work and I had to do it all by myself.  But....we survived!  Thank goodness for a visit from Grandmother to save the day.  

Firsts:  Grant had his first trip out of town.  He loved riding in the truck and slept the whole way there.  He also enjoyed meeting his aunt and uncles for the first time.

Other tidbits:  

*Grant started getting some bumps on his face.  I think he is getting baby acne.
*He isn't too fond of his bouncy seat.  He cries when we put him in it.
*He wants to be held most of the day.
*I love it when he is hungry and tries to eat my face.  It really makes me giggle.
*We are having to change his clothes quite often because he starts peeing when we take his diaper off.
*We tried out some Huggies diapers and aren't very pleased with them.  We have discovered that we prefer Pampers diapers and the sensitive wipes.
*He loves getting a sponge bath and we are looking forward to him losing his umbilical cord so that we can give him a bath in his whale tub.

They think the world of each other! :)

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