Monday, January 23, 2012

Six Weeks and National Championship Game

January 3rd- January 9th

Loves:  Have I mentioned that he loves his paci?  He also loves getting his diaper changed, his swing, and being held all day.

Eating:  He is currently eating 4 oz of breast milk.  He is still eating every 3 hours.

Sleeping: I'm one of those horrible parents that has allowed my baby to sleep in the bed with us.  I know, I know!  Most people give it the name "co-sleeping" to make it sound a little better.  It got to the point where Grant would not sleep in his bassinet very long because he was hitting the sides with his arms and waking himself up.  Then I was having to put the paci back in his mouth all night and I got ZERO sleep.  When I would put him in the bed beside me he would fall right asleep and the paci would fall out of his mouth and he never wanted it back in.  This was heaven to me since I was finally able to get a little sleep again.  I feel horrible about it and I know that I will have a time getting him out of the bed with us but the damage has been done now.  I don't know who it will be harder for when it's time for him to sleep in his crib.  I think I love having him there as much as he loves it.

Clothes: He is still wearing newborn clothes but it won't be long before he is out of them.  He is wearing size 1 diapers.

Firsts: He experienced his first Alabama football game.  Of course this wasn't just any game.  It was the National Championship Game.  We put on all his Alabama garb and he looked so cute.  He slept through the game and we had to cheer silently but we sure did enjoy it.  I consider him to be our good luck charm! He actually rolled over for the first time on January 4th.  He was on his activity mat and rolled over several times from his stomach to his back.  On January 7th he had his first shopping trip to Lowe's and Office Depot.  We had to pick up a drill and a desk for Josh.  Grant slept the whole time we were in Lowe's but started to get fussy by the time we made it to Office Depot.  On January 8th he smiled at me for the first time.  It was the cutest, gummiest smile I have ever seen.  It melted my heart!

Here are some pictures of Grant during the National Championship game:

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