Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 32

Today:  32 Weeks (Well not actually today cause I'm a few days behind posting this)

Baby Size: According to my sources the baby is the size of a large jicama.  He should weigh about 3.75  pounds  and is 16.7  inches from crown to toe.

Weight Gain: At my 32 week appointment I was +20 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes:  Yes!

Sleep: About the same and I'm still having terrible pain moving from side to side at night.

Symptoms: Let's see...heartburn, restless legs, pain in pelvis area, and swelling in my hands.  I think I'm about to the point where I'm gonna have to stop wearing my wedding rings.  I've had to pry them off with lotion and I'm afraid one day they may just be stuck on there.

Movement: His movements have changed some.  He isn't really kicking me anymore but it's more like trying to stretch out.  I'll feel an arm and a leg pushing out at the same time.  It's a weird feeling.  I keep telling him that he can't get out.  I know that he is getting bigger and has less room so I'll feel him moving around but he won't be able to kick me as much.  It's funny to watch my belly and see how he is laying each day.  I can feel and see his little butt sticking out. :)

Best Moments this Week: Josh painted the baby's room and I'm really excited about that.  Now we can order his bed and start setting things up.  I'm really thankful that Josh did that for me cause I know it was tough doing it alone.  We also started our parenting class last night.  We got to watch a video of a baby crowning and the delivery of the placenta and I think Josh is scarred for life.  He keeps telling me that he isn't gonna watch the birth.  No problem from me!  I just want him to be there by my side to help me through the process as much as possible.  I'm a baby when it comes to pain.

Food Cravings: I really haven't craved anything this week although my mom's homemade cupcakes were awesome.  She made them when we went to Selma last weekend.  So yummy!

What I Miss:  Being able to get up and down easily and walking without pain.  The doctor told me that my pain is likely to get worse.  Worse?  I don't want to think about it because it's BAD now!

Looking Forward To: I'm really looking forward to my baby shower that is a week away.  Josh is playing music this Saturday and we are cooking chili this weekend.  He is also off on Monday so we are going to order the baby's dresser and bed/mattress.   

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