Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Months Old

Happy 7 months to my sweet boy!  It's been a busy month since you are so active now.  You are moving about and are in to everything. You are such a happy fella and bring such joy to our lives.  

Loves:  cruising the furniture, riding in the buggy like a big boy, eating Puffs, crawling up Mommy all day, and standing up on everything he can. 

Hates: being alone, cutting a new tooth, and being still while getting his diaper changed.

Eating: He eats every 4 hours and eats between 3-6 oz at each meal.  He is eating solids twice a day.  His favorites are sweet potatoes, peaches, and mixed vegetables.  I haven't found anything that he won't eat. :)

Sleeping:  Since he is so mobile it is hard to get him to lay down and go to sleep right away.  He wants to crawl all over our bed and play.  If he's in his crib he just stands up and cries.  We let him stand there and cry for about 5 minutes and then we go back in there and lay him back down and put his paci in.  That's usually all it takes.  Some days he takes cat naps and other days he will sleep for a few hours.

Clothes: He is wearing 6 months or 6 to 9 month clothes.  He is still in a size 3 diaper.

Firsts: He got his first tooth, started pulling up in the bed, started really crawling (no Army crawl), started riding up front in the buggy, spent the night away from Mommy and Daddy, celebrated his first Father's Day, moved up to the duck tub, and met his cousin Jeremy for the first time.

This Month's Happenings:  This was a busy month for all of us.  Grant started cutting his first tooth on June 10th.  He was quite grumpy throughout the month because of it.  Our wedding anniversary was this month so my parents came over and let Josh and I have a night out.  We booked a room at the Winfrey Hotel and went to the comedy club and out to eat.  It was a nice night but by the next day I was missing my boy!!!  He did really well staying with my parents.  I don't think mom got much sleep but she kept him entertained and fed and gave him lots of loving.  Grant also got to meet Jeremy when he came and spent a couple of nights with us.

This month has been a big adjustment for me.  He learned how to pull up in the bed and pretty much anything else he could get his hands on.  We even had to lower his bed already.  Grant wants to stand up ALL day and I'm having to be right there with him to make sure that he won't fall down.  I can't even step into the kitchen or he'll be standing up at the couch crying when I walk back in the room.  He's usually a pretty happy guy but this month his teething pain has made him so cranky and hard to please.  He looks adorable with his new tooth though!  It's also been VERY hot this month so we haven't been able to get out as much as I would have liked.  I think he gets bored if he doesn't get out of the house every couple of days.  

I got a new iPad for my anniversary and Grant is fascinated by it.  I can't get it out while he's around or he will attack me.  Basically he wants every piece of technology in our house and doesn't seem to care a thing about his toys.  He's learned how to bang his hand on things and will bang it on his high chair or the coffee table.  He thinks he's big stuff.  I know it's only a matter of months and he will be walking so I'm trying to prepare myself for the chaos.

He's getting good at understanding what we are saying to him.  If I ask him if he is ready to eat he will look me in the eyes and cry.  He is also learning what "no no" means.  He has started reaching for my food and drink so I've been letting him have a few tastes of things that are soft or things he can suck on.

A Few Pictures:

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